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Customer Reviews: Sports Jackets

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"This is the second sports jacket purchased from Wilkes and Riley. Like my blazer the fit and quality is top notch. The pic stitching and texture give the jacket a real rich look and the jacket really fits like it was tailored for me."
Joseph, New Jersey

"I am very pleased with the quality of the blazer and agree that it is comparable to Brooks Bros and Jos. A. Bank Signature Gold Collection. The fit is perfect and I don't need alterations. It fits like a tailored fit suit rather than the typical "classic" fit offered by other companies. I will definitely purchase a suit in the future."
Joseph, New Jersey

"I am very impressed with Wilkes & Riley. The sport coat is beautiful. Great quality; loved the color & fabric; and fit perfectly! My order came two days after ordering in a very nice, well-wrapped box. I will definitely order from Wilkes & Riley again in the future!"
Jon, Georgia

"The sport jackets are them both very much. Wore the blue one to work Friday and received compliments"
Gene, Indiana

"The blue blazer and 4 shirts have arrived and everything was exactly as ordered and fit to a "T"! Do I intend to order in the future? As the need pops up, I look forward to more satisfaction.
Mr. Marshall was very accommodating and quite obvious a "hands-on" kind of person associated with a well run company."
Robert, Missouri

"I tried on the pants and they're about a half inch too long but that's ok......The jacket will probably not need any alteration as the sleeve length is just about perfect.....I've got a closet full of Hickey-Freeman jackets and suits and your merchandise is equal or perhaps a tad better than those tailored by Hickey-Freeman.......The shirts and ties look equally good......."
Donald, Arkansas

"Love the sport jacket. Great material and the fit is what I expected. Wore it today to work and received several compliments. The shirt looks very nice and fits well."
Joseph, Connecticut

"I thought the fit was just a shade on the small side, not a slim fit for sure, but not quite as generous as other jackets I tried in my size. The material and construction is top notch... the tailor I took the jacket to for some alterations commented without solicitation that it was a, "very nice jacket... nice material!" I wish there were more than three to choose from!"
Bill, Maryland

"First, it is a beautiful jacket as far as the feel in the material and the look... and it appears to be very well made. I have no issues and I am a fan of Wilkes and Riley!"
William, Maryland

"Stumbled across an W&R advert in a local business journal. Fed up with local department and menswear chain stores, I decided to try a few W&R pieces. I ended up going with the Grey Plaid Jacket and a few slim fit dress shirts. To make a long story short, you can not find better quality materials and attention to details in any local/chain men's store outside of Brooks Brothers. The fit/feel of the jacket and the shirts is fantastic. The Customer Service (I worked with Sarah) I received is best in class for an on-line retailer. She contacted me soon after I placed the order to make sure I understood the fits and to tweak the sizing on one of the shirts. I had the items in a day (Just to clarify I live in MD and they have a MD distribution center). I'm sold. I plan on overhauling my suits with W&R in the near future and will continue to purchase shirts/jackets as needed. Thanks W&R!"
Tim, Maryland

"So far so good. Love packaging and the blazer looks good and fits without alterations"
Sam, Illinois
Instantly the best jacket in my wardrobe. Beautiful, soft fabric. Looks great with slacks and dark jeans. This is a classic.
Chris, North Carolina





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