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"This is a very good suit, and well worth the price. The fabric is top notch, and the attention to detail is impressive. It has a great weight - lighter than suits I've purchased elsewhere at a similar price point. W&R's service, however, is nothing short of exceptional. I have broad shoulders and needed some alterations in the jacket that local tailors were not willing to attempt. I worked with Sarah, and W&R performed the necessary alterations for a fair price. The suit fits amazingly well, and I get loads of compliments when wearing it. I will be doing all of my suit shopping through W&R from now on."
Brian, New Mexico

"I am not one disposed to write product reviews, this being a rare but richly earned exception. Without question this is the best shirt in my wardrobe. This is no ordinary oxford weave but rather the most luxurious and comfortable fabric/weave combination imaginable. Brilliant style and construction as well. Quite simply a pleasure to wear -- and I've since re-ordered! Well Done W&R !!"
Ed, Virginia

"This is the second sports jacket purchased from Wilkes and Riley. Like my blazer the fit and quality is top notch. The pic stitching and texture give the jacket a real rich look and the jacket really fits like it was tailored for me."
Joseph, New Jersey

"The quality of this suit is superb. The material is the finest I've ever touched, let alone worn. The jacket fit perfectly (46R). I had the trouser waist taken in some and my tailor added cuffs. Even he remarked at the quality of the suit. Short of visiting Martin Greenfield in Brooklyn, this is where I will shop for my suits in the future."
Steve, Virginia

"I am very pleased with the quality of the blazer and agree that it is comparable to Brooks Bros and Jos. A. Bank Signature Gold Collection. The fit is perfect and I don't need alterations. It fits like a tailored fit suit rather than the typical "classic" fit offered by other companies. I will definitely purchase a suit in the future."
Joseph, New Jersey

"I received my shirts today, much sooner than I would have imagined. Great quality and fit. I was a little cautious, given I do not normally order clothing on line, but I am pleasantly surprised. Wilkes & Riley will be my go-to place for shirts from now on. Thanks again. Great job."
James, New Jersey

"The shirt arrived on time and was in good condition. The shirt itself is very nice, very nice fabric, I’m sure I’ll be buying more in the future."
Dave, New York

"I am very impressed with Wilkes & Riley. It has been a little over a month now since my purchase. Both suits have received minor tailoring and I could not be more pleased. The fit and finish are exactly what I am looking for in a high quality, affordable suit. Keep up the good work because I've already spread the news to several of my friends!
Since receiving the suits my mother also purchased two shirts as a birthday gift for me. The tailored fit is spot on and I will definitely be ordering more in the future. I was a little surprised that upon first appearance it didn't seem like the shirts were non-iron. However, I have had them dry cleaned a couple of times and they seem to be maintaining their wrinkle resistance.
Last but not least, kudos to the customer care department (i.e. Sarah). I returned one suit and a couple of ties (for a different width). I could not be more pleased with the ease of transaction and the expedient service. I was blown away with how fast the replacement order was received.
I know you all are a relatively new company, but I hope that you are able to maintain the excellent service and far superior product. Thank you again for your help. I wish you all the best."
Wesley, Georgia

"I am very impressed with Wilkes & Riley. The sport coat is beautiful. Great quality; loved the color & fabric; and fit perfectly! My order came two days after ordering in a very nice, well-wrapped box. I will definitely order from Wilkes & Riley again in the future!"
Jon, Georgia

"Here is my photo as I head out to court in my new Wilkes & Riley suit and shirt! Nothing like dressing up an old 55 year old courtroom war horse! Thanks for the great products and the excellent customer service!"
Anthony, Mississippi

"Thank you for making such great shirts. I was skeptical at first to order shirts online but, I did order some and now I am extremely happy.They fit well, are extremely comfortable, wash well, and keep the non-iron look. I will be a repeat customer."
Emil, New York

"The suit that I purchased from your firm is excellent!"
Michael, Iowa

"You get high marks on customer service"
Gavin, Tennesse

"I was a little skeptical when I ordered my first suit that it would not live up to the claims on the web site. Once I received the suit and could see the quality of the fabric and the construction I was pretty much sold, but was still a bit skeptical until my tailor gave the suit her blessing. My tailor has been in the clothing business for years and commented on how nice the fabric was and how well the suit fit. Now 2 suits, a sports coat and a few shirts later, I am a Wilkes & Riley convert. Beside the quality of the clothes, this company's customer service is phenomenal. One of the suits I ordered did not fit quite right. Sarah worked with me on the return and replacement with free shipping all around and prompt, friendly and courteous service. Love the clothes and love the company."
Joseph, Connecticut

"The sport jackets are them both very much. Wore the blue one to work Friday and received compliments"
Gene, Indiana

"The blue blazer and 4 shirts have arrived and everything was exactly as ordered and fit to a "T"! Do I intend to order in the future? As the need pops up, I look forward to more satisfaction.
Mr. Marshall was very accommodating and quite obvious a "hands-on" kind of person associated with a well run company."
Robert, Missouri

"I received my suit yesterday and I was very impressed! High quality. I would be more than happy to promote your suits."
Michael, Iowa

"I tried on the pants and they're about a half inch too long but that's ok......The jacket will probably not need any alteration as the sleeve length is just about perfect.....I've got a closet full of Hickey-Freeman jackets and suits and your merchandise is equal or perhaps a tad better than those tailored by Hickey-Freeman.......The shirts and ties look equally good......."
Donald, Arkansas

"I tried on the shirts they all fit great. I won't be returning any of them. I like both the slim fit and tailored fit."
Price, Texas

"Your clothing and customer service are both very good."
Richard, Virginia

"This is one of 2 shirts from my second order from Wilkes & Riley. The pink stripe is very nice. Pink stripes on a white background mute the color a little and the shirt is elegant in appearance and feel. I have 3 W&R shirts in my closet now, and believe they are excellent quality and workmanship, and a very good value. Soft to the touch, they feel really good while wearing them. The purchasing experience was equally praiseworthy. The W&R customer support is very good; Sarah was very helpful in that regard, and in getting the shirts delivered quickly. I don't often give 5-stars in a review.... but I am doing that here."
Ken, New Jersey

"Your service is excellent. I received the shirt within 2 days of my placing my order. I am also impressed with the quality of the shirt. "
Vikrant, Maryland

"I can't describe how IMPRESSED I am with everything. Starting with the ordering process to the follow up from W&R. My package arrived on time and intact. The packaging of my shirt was first class, I was actually really impressed the way it was packaged. I really hope W&R continues to package all their products this way. You could tell that care, time and pride was taken when my shirt was packed for shipping, VERY IMPRESSIVE. It wasn't just thrown in a plastic bag and thrown in the mail. The shirt I purchased was great, it was exactly as your website described it would be. The material used to make my shirt is of high quality and the color is exactly what I was looking for. I am a 3rd generation customer of JAB, my Grandfather shopped w/ them, than my Father, and now myself. Unfortunately both my Father and I just don't feel that JAB is the same as it was after the merger. We have been looking for a new clothier to shop with, and I'm pretty sure we have now found that in Wilkes & Riley. I do have one little issue, it's totally my fault. I ordered a Large size shirt thinking maybe it would fit, I was wrong.. Is there anyway I could exchange it for a XL size ? Sarah, Thank You so much for taking time not only to follow up on my order, but also too Thank me for my order in your earlier email. I look forward to sustaining a long term customer relationship with Wilkes & Riley."
Thomas, Maryland

"Love the sport jacket. Great material and the fit is what I expected. Wore it today to work and received several compliments. The shirt looks very nice and fits well."
Joseph, Connecticut

"I thought the fit was just a shade on the small side, not a slim fit for sure, but not quite as generous as other jackets I tried in my size. The material and construction is top notch... the tailor I took the jacket to for some alterations commented without solicitation that it was a, "very nice jacket... nice material!" I wish there were more than three to choose from!"
Bill, Maryland

"This is my first shirt, and I love it! I've worn it twice; it looks great, gets lots of compliments and feels good. This shirt, made from high-end cotton, has a very nice "hand" and feels soft (like cotton) against my skin. So, I do like it! I've worn it twice (and obviously washed it too). I do iron, lightly, all my "no-iron" shirts, and this one is tops - very little care, it looks perfect. I also liked the buying experience. I'll admit some trepidation purchasing a shirt on-line, from a company I didn't know very well... But it was actually an easy, and surprisingly satisfying experience. Customer service is quite excellent. Lke others who have posted here, I worked with Sarah (lots of questions before jumping in) and she was very helpful. So, highly recommended! I'll be back for more soon."
Ken, New Jersey

"First, it is a beautiful jacket as far as the feel in the material and the look... and it appears to be very well made. I have no issues and I am a fan of Wilkes and Riley!"
William, Maryland

"I did receive the shirt today. I was surprised that it had already arrived. What great service! The shirt is great. Fits perfectly and looks great. I guess I have a new shirt supplier. Thanks so much for your attention."
Michael, Tennessee

"Stumbled across an W&R advert in a local business journal. Fed up with local department and menswear chain stores, I decided to try a few W&R pieces. I ended up going with the Grey Plaid Jacket and a few slim fit dress shirts. To make a long story short, you can not find better quality materials and attention to details in any local/chain men's store outside of Brooks Brothers. The fit/feel of the jacket and the shirts is fantastic. The Customer Service (I worked with Sarah) I received is best in class for an on-line retailer. She contacted me soon after I placed the order to make sure I understood the fits and to tweak the sizing on one of the shirts. I had the items in a day (Just to clarify I live in MD and they have a MD distribution center). I'm sold. I plan on overhauling my suits with W&R in the near future and will continue to purchase shirts/jackets as needed. Thanks W&R!"
Tim, Maryland

"Your customer service is superior to any internet vendor I've done business with. My compliments to Sarah.Yesterday I wore one of the W&R shirts I ordered -- perfect fit, beautiful fabric and construction. I really like the length of the button down collars."
Lou, California, February 2016 (repeat customer)

“Suit arrived in great shape. Looked and felt good. That's why I immediately purchased another one."
Richard, Missouri

"So far so good. Love packaging and the blazer looks good and fits without alterations"
Sam, Illinois

"I am very pleased with the quality, color and fit of the new sweater"
Tom, Virginia

“Packaging is nice. Shirt fits well. I like the way the collar looks when buttoned."
Skip, Kansas

“The (Polo) quality looks good to me, very nice. The reason for the order is to find a source where I can get a quality product at a reasonable price. I will likely be purchasing more."
Steve, Florida

“I did receive my Wilkes and Riley shirts and they do indeed fit. I actually am wearing one today at work, and enjoy the fit!"
Patrick, Maryland

"The slim fit is awesome!!!! I am very pleased with the shirts and especially your great service, changing my shirt sizes at the last minute prior to shipment. I will definitely order again and wish you all the best. W&R shirts are as good or better than my highest end shirts!"
Tony, Maryland

"My tailor is confident that he can let out the pants so that everything will fit, and I should have the suit at the end of the month. As an aside, he was very impressed with the quality of the suit (particularly in comparison to the Jos. Banks suits he is used to tailoring). So, kudos on your suits."
George, Massachusetts

"Thank you for the follow up. I'm very pleased with the suits and the service. I'm looking for a couple of more, but the selection is somewhat limited, but hopefully it will expand and I can find a good value."
Jason, Kentucky

"Thank you for your prompt filling of our order. We are very pleased with the Dress Shirt and Tie, but,unfortunately, the Dress Trouser did not fit. Please advise on how we return this item."
Susan, Missouri

"This suit is excellent in every way. Great fabric, cut and workmanship. Definitely compares favorably to those selling for twice the price at Nordstrom. I will be buying more from W&R."
Chris, North Carolina

"Thanks, Sarah. I am very pleased with my (shirt) purchase and the customer service as well! Fit is actually perfect for me. Thanks for checking in on me."
Greg, Virginia

“Suit arrived Tuesday safe, sound with little wrinkling; and clearly the time, quality and care taken with its creation was evident. Straight away I took my new suit to my Seamstress for the requisite alterations. Within minutes of putting on the suit for fitting my Seamstress was using words and phrases like 'very expensive?, very nice cut and quality, VERY nice!' ”.
Ed, North Carolina

"I am very pleased with the suit. The shipping was much quicker than expected. The packaging was impressive. Think it will work out well."
Martin, Georgia

"Hi Sarah...I like the shirts...they run tighter than Brooks traditional fit so they were not a good fit for me..."
Stan, Tennessee

"I purchased 3 shirts from W&R and I mistakenly ordered two shirts "tailored fit" instead of the Slim Fit. I followed the "return" instructions and as promised the return was hassle free and prompt. I emailed Customer Service and was aided by Sarah; whom I must say provided me with impeccable service and was of utmost help. She addressed my needs right away and my replacement shirts were quickly on the way... she even took the time to track my shipment and emailed me to inform me when my shirts should arrive and as she said, my shirts arrived yesterday and they are beautiful. I truly appreciate your prompt attention to my returns and the replacements. I'm truly grateful for the outstanding service I was provided by Sarah. Keep up the good work."
Omar, Texas

"I’m very satisfied with the quality of the dress shirts and they fit nicely. I’ll look forward to ordering from you again in the future."
Joseph, Maryland

"I give the suit an 8. The arm holes are a touch high. I love the working sleeve buttons and the stitching on the lapels. A peak label would get me to a 10, but I'm weird."
Tristan, Illinois

“(shirts) Love the price, love the fit, and love the material."
Tom, Colorado

"I recently purchased 2 non-iron dress shirts and could not be more impressed with the quality of the product and the simple user experience placing my order. The shirts arrived quickly and the packaging was terrific. Quality and service really do matter."
Dan, Maryland

"This is a very nice suit for the cost. I am very pleased with the quality of the fabric, and with the attention to detail. It seems true to size, and so will need minimal alterations. Shipping was very fast, and the service that I have received is exceptional."
David, Illinois

I just received this suit and a shirt.The construction and fabric are beautiful, comparable to the high end Italian-made suit I recently purchased. I'll buy again from Wilkes and Riley.
Paul, Colorado

Impressed with the fine quality of the resent present I received. The cashmere sweater is my new favorite, thanks for creating a great product. Keep me on your email list, thanks!
Mike, Massachusetts

Instantly the best jacket in my wardrobe. Beautiful, soft fabric. Looks great with slacks and dark jeans. This is a classic.
Chris, North Carolina



Our Guarantee

Wilkes & Riley was founded on two beliefs: to produce great fitting, high quality products and to provide exceptional service.

It is very easy for a small company like Wilkes & Riley to be overshadowed by large companies who spend countless dollars on advertising to convince you to shop with them.  Take a closer look at what they are selling. Typically it is lower quality products produced in bulk from third world factories.  It would be easy to be swayed by aggressive selling techniques or by incredible sale offers that are really not so incredible when you understand the true value of their products.

Wilkes & Riley is a small company with no shareholders to appease, allowing us the freedom to produce only exceptional products.  We realize some customers may be skeptical about our quality so we have established a risk-free guarantee.  You are either satisfied with our quality, fit, service and value or return your purchase at our expense*.  If you want craftsmanship and quality, then give Wilkes & Riley the opportunity to impress you.





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