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Fit Guide - Non- Iron Shirts

Our non-iron shirts come in your exact neck and sleeve length, even our sport shirts! Our non-iron shirts are almost magical, they are shrink and fade resistant, the seams will not pucker and the long tails will remain tucked in. Our buttons go through a special process to ensure that they resist cracking. Whether you are in a suit and tie or corporate casual our non-iron shirts will have you looking your best from sunrise until well past your dinner meeting.


Comfort is very personal, and for this reason we offer three distinct fit options.

  •  Our Tailored fit is considered our regular cut and fits most men very well. We call it Tailored fit because we have removed some of the excess fabric associated with a traditional fit without compromising comfort. The end result is a shirt that provides plenty of comfort and looks fantastic without the bulky excess fabric. If you are not sure which fit would look best on you, try our tailored fit first, as it will most often be the ideal fit. 

  • Our slim fit is slim but not skinny. Designed for a man who is slender but doesn't want a tight fitting shirt. So while there is less fabric in the chest and waist our slim fit will leave you looking trimmer and yet comfortable. 
  • Our classic fit is our fullest cut, offers maximum comfort without looking sloppy. 

  • So try one of our shirts today, our reputation is being built every day on great quality!



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